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Cosmetics based on natural active principles. The full range of beauty, skin care and maintenance: prevents wrinkles; restores the velvety appearance of the skin; maintains flexibility and muscle trophicity.

Coenzyme Q10, a vital catalyst in biochemical and physiological processes of the entire body.

Sea buckthorn oil is the most complex natural fat which has an important role in nourishing the skin and in the prevention of free radical formation, triggerers of the natural or premature aging process due to metabolic disorders of epithelial cells.

Spirulin powder, a well known product due to its effects or for its nourishing and regenerating action on the human body, including skin, completes in a particularly useful way the wrinkle cream composition, enhancing its nutrition and regeneration effect.

Vegetable extracts: of hollyhock, chamomile and chestnut dermoprotective effects, they have antiinflammatory, decongestant, painkiller effects and improve peripheral circulation.

The HOF.VIODANA® range contains five products:

HOF.VIODANA cosmetics range was created also as a single-dose preservatives free. The single dose containing cosmetics without preservatives is another concept and another way to take care of ourselves in a beautiful and healthy way. These types of cosmetics have been tested through a complex study. After performing constant researchs it was established that the best form for a cosmetic product is the single-dose and as a result the interior cream does not contain preservatives. Why no preservatives and why as a single dose (a very new and advanced single-use packaging), is a question which has a simple and effective answer.

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