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About us


  Natural products are of the highest quality for all clients.

  The management team

  Is the young professionals with a rich stock of knowledge and also people with experience in the pharmaceutical, medical, chemical and biological engineering.


  S.C. Hofigal Export Import S. A. whose main activity is the manufacture of natural products by harnessing complex obtained from medicinal plants and aromatic own cultures made in ecological conditions, was founded in 1990, with Romanian capital.
  Every year the company has continuously evolved , both in terms of industrialization and production flows laboratories physico -chemical and microbiological modern equipment and qualified personnel and in terms of increasing productivity and product diversification.
  A key role in developing the company had a fruitful collaboration of a group of people of a particular value with experience in research and production which plants using specific climatic conditions of our country have obtained new, original by proprietary technologies, proprietary in the country and awarded at international fairs.
  The work of the team of specialists has resulted also in increasing the number of products manufactured from 3 in 1990 to 500 items in 2013. The company has developed spectacularly after 2001 when they built a modern factory regarding equipping of production flows, control and distribution of finished products. As a result of this investment was the development segment addressability and confidence of a number of increasingly more people in Hofigal product.

  Environmental Provisions

  S.C. Hofigal Export Import S. A. comply with environmental protection legislation, according to the Environmental Authorization Number . 568 of 18.11.2009 , valid until 11.18.2014 . In this respect, it monitors both environmental factors and how waste management and packaging, as follows:

     I. Environmental Monitoring

    It monitors water quality indicators discharged (used) : temperature , pH, suspended solids , chemical oxygen demand (COD -Cr ) , BOD5 substances extractable with organic solvents, biodegradable synthetic detergents , ammonia nitrogen , total phosphorus , sulfur, clouri , total nitrogen (according to test reports issued monthly RENAR society , the values of these indicators were below the permissible limit values);
     It monitors the air quality indicators , emissions from combustion processes : dust , SO2 , NO2 , CO and emissions from technological processes : total particulate and VOC expressed in Ctotal . Analyzing the results of measurements of emissions into the atmosphere (according to test reports issued by a company RENAR ) compared to the limitations of MAPPM Order no. 462/93 for approval of technical conditions for atmospheric protection Methodological Norms regarding the determination of emissions of air pollutants produced by stationary sources and MAPPM Order no. 756/1997 approving the regulation of environmental pollution assessment , it was found that the values of all pollutants were below alert thresholds and action levels;

    II . How waste management and packaging

     It implemented a system of selective waste collection , each production facility and ancillary activity is equipped with appropriate waste disposal container. Recyclable waste will be recovered through contract with licensed operators . For complying with proper packaging waste management quantity of products placed on the Romanian market, transferred responsibility for fulfilling obligatiior recovery and recycling of packaging waste , ie the obligation of reporting on the fulfillment of these obligations of the Government No.621/2005 concerning the management of packaging and packaging waste.
    Thus, in 2012 , the authorized economic operator and recovered in the name of S.C. HOFIGAL EXPORT- IMPORT SA and reported to the Environment Fund Administration following quantities of packaging waste:
     - Glass 15108 kg ;
     - Paper - cardboard 28383 kg ;
     - Plastics 25003 kg ;
     - Metals (aluminum ) 2050 kg .
  Both the overall recovery through recycling , recovery and minimum targets by recycling, the types of materials set by Government No. . 621/2005 , with subsequent amendments have been made.

  Environmental permit requirements have been met.

  Objects of industrial property in the portfolio S.C. HOFIGAL EXPORT-IMPORT S.A. export.

  Concerned to develop and expand the range of products, S.C. HOFIGAL EXPORT IMPORT S. A. research programs conducted by their manufacturing technologies that have resulted in the market launch of new products in the form of dietary supplements.
  Because the combination of different plants in different concentrations was new, technologies and products resulting from their implementation , have been established in the patent application to the State Office for Inventions and Trademarks.
  Currently in the company's patent portfolio are a total of 110 patents and applications for invention.
  The policy pursued by the company in the field of industrial property and brands have created products that enable consumers to identify a product so that it can be distinguished from other identical or similar products provided by competing companies. The consumer must be able to easily distinguish useful products.
  Brand plays a cardinal role in the marketing strategies of companies , helping to define the image and reputation of products in consumer perception.
  The image and reputation of a company builds trust among local customers and to increase the prestige of the company.Consumers often develop an emotional attachment to certain brands , based on a set of desired qualities or traits found in products bearing that trade mark, in accordance with the body's own adaptation.
  Make " HOFIGAL " with a length of over 20 years tends to become a notorious trademark in Romania and beyond. Currently, the company has a portfolio of over 74 brands and trademarks applications. Regarding product brand , the company has created a typology of industrial designs registered with the State Office for Inventions and Trademarks.
  Currently, the company has a total portfolio of 44 industrial designs and other 31 applications for registration of industrial designs and models distribution.
  Distribution is done through authorized distributors thus ensuring this Hofigal products throughout the country.
  Our product quality has led partnerships with other EU countries and beyond.

  Students' opinions.

  On 1 July 2013 began to outline a promising prospect of our future society that young hopes. Second year student specialty Biochemistry at the Faculty of Chemical Technology (University of Bucharest).
  On July 1, 2013 was our first contact with the real world of industry. Specifically, on the morning of July 1 we presented the company Hofigal to perform technological practice for a period of 18 days. From the beginning , each of us we thought if we can find a place in this "world" . And the thought that accompanied us throughout our stay Hofigal. We wanted to make our notes and especially useful to store information that is given us to become valuable.
  At Hofigal I met a group of wonderful people , people hope that we can consider an example of what must be the modern man of today's society . Here we were offered the "ingredients " necessary to grow as new entity in the desired job (biochemist).
  Amazingly, everything I learned in college I saw theory is put into practice here . I participated in a product Hofigal from raw material stage to the finished product. Whether it was hard or soft capsules, tablets, tinctures, teas, we found that each case is a mini- universe that includes a wealth of theoretical knowledge based tehnlogice operations and practical experience.
  Access to all this we were offered the kindness of the staff of Hofigal. We have also received parental advice directly, spoken words, but also indirectly gestures : be punctual, be tenacious, to evaluate yourself without "false modesty" to commit to the job, to give respect to receive measurement and the most important thing learned from Hofigal is to be fair yourself, but also those around you.
  After a group discussion with peers "Fellowship " to experience Hofigal we could draw some conclusions as an overview of our work to Hofigal.
  Thus, we are grateful Hofigal company that gave us the opportunity to know and understand a little part of the world of industry . During this period we had fondly adopted a large family that was involved in our education . I learned useful things interesting , and some of us have ambitions of biochemists have found industrial environment.
  Thank Hofigal for professionalism , patience , attention and consideration offered!

Motto: Nature never lies.

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