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HOF.VIODANA - Neck care cream


Chestnut extract, Hollyhock extract, Coenzyme Q10, Sea buckthorn oil.


Choose the product which suits you: It is indicated at any age, for the maintenance of dehydrated and wrinkled neck skin. The action of the active principles: By combining chestnut extract, mallow and sea buckthorn oil with Coenzyme Q10 the synergic action of the bioactive principles present in these extracts is enhanced. The product has protective, relieving, regenerating, maintenance, effects, it enables wound healing, it is anti-inflammatory and decongestant of the neck skin.

- ensure full hydration, prevents the emergence and development of wrinkles;
- revitalizes and restores skin elasticity;
- has a soothing and toning effect on the skin;
- stimulates epithelization and speeds up the healing process;
- the product is well tolerated.

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