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   "Hofigal" is one of the famous brand names when it comes to homeopathic, gemoderivative, and phytotherapeutic galenical products in Romania, made in the form of pharmaceutical products, dietary supplements, cosmetics, and teas.

   "Hofigal" is a share-held company comprising an exclusively Romanian private capital. The company utilises an area of 35 hectares.

   Approximately 200 employees work in the company, being continually motivated towards a professional and personal perfection; these people carry out their activities covering a wide range of fields: Agriculture, Production Planning, Production, Supply, Logistics and Distribution, Sales, Marketing, New Therapies, Total Quality Management, Quality Control, Regulatory Affairs, Research and Development, Human Resources, Legal, Administrative, Maintenance, and I.T. – all of which represent an integrated system.

   "Hofigal" S.A. is a company that is specialised in the manufacture of exclusively natural products, being characterised by the fact that they produce in their own greenhouses and agricultural lands the majority of the raw materials that they use.

   The active raw materials that are used and obtained in controlled conditions, by way of a strictly organic agriculture.

   Lands were first prepared for organic farming by growing a succession of diverse species of plants that removed from the soil any substances that could contaminate future harvests. The plants used as active raw ingredients were then cultivated without the use of chemical fertilisers, herbicides, growth stimulators, or any other type of chemical treatment, which could have contaminated the resultant crops and subsequently the products obtained from them.

   From the raw materials thus obtained, applying the most advanced technologies in accordance with the international rules for current Good Manufacturing Practice , the Hofigal portfolio has been developed, making up 450 products. The quality of Hofigal products corresponds with international requirements.

   The diversity of the portfolio and the quality of the products make "Hofigal" one of the strongest competitors of already wellestablished companies in France, Italy, and Switzerland.

   A strong point with regard to Hofigal portfolio is the fact that all of its products are obtained on the basis of its own formulas and technologies, patented within Romania, many of which represent absolute world firsts.

   The main objectives of the company are to apply the conditions and measures with regards to quality assurance, safety and efficacy of all products, as with the acquisition of natural vegetal active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) guaranteed to correspond in totality with current international ecological norms.

   All of the stages of the process, from cultivation (pre-processing, plant processing), down to the finished product in the form of pharmaceutical products, dietary supplements, cosmetics, and teas conform to the international norms regarding the cultivation and harvesting of plants, as well as the rules for Good Manufacturing Practice,ISO 9001,14000,18000,22000 obtained from german TUV company . With regard to the quality of the products, regardless of what stage they are in, they fulfil the requirements of the European Pharmacopoeia, complemented with those of other internationally circulating pharmacopoeias, and of the quality conditions pertaining to Hofigal philosophy.

   The product quality control laboratories are furnished with modern equipment, in accordance with the aforementioned practices, standards and requirements, and operate with experienced and trained personnel, in which all of the raw materials (whether obtained internally or externally), critical parameter-based interphase controls, and finished products are analysed.

   All of the production lines respect international GMP:
      • "Dosed Solid Forms" (tablets, capsules, coated capsules) production line;
      • "Internal/External Use Solutions" production line;
      • "Plant Extracts" production line;
      • "Suppositories and Ovules, Cosmetic Monodoses" production line;
      • "Teas" production line;
      • "Cosmetics, Semisolids" production line;

   The production, measurement and control equipment are manufactured overseas in the West and are of the newest generation.

   The products of HOFIGAL are the result of prolonged and sustained research or development activity carried out in our own laboratories by our own teams of specialists which include: researchers, and doctors in science (pharmacists, chemical engineers, physicians, biologists, microbiologists, biochemists, chemists, horticulturalists). This team collaborates with the most important higher learning institutions and the National Institute for Research and Development in Romania.

   We currently cofinance research projects in the National Research Plan, to which are added a multitude of ongoing internal research projects.

   As a result of these activities, the number of products successfully launched by Hofigal has risen from 3 products in the year 1990, to over 450 in the year 2011.

   Being constantly engaged in the study and introduction of new therapies, we have recently added an innovative element to the Hofigal portfolio: the Gemoderivative range, in the form of hydro-glycero-alcoholic extracts in dilutions of 1:10 (1 DH), obtained from fresh plant tissues in their growth stages (buds, flower buds, inflorescences, shoots, young branch bark, internal root-bark tissue, sap, seeds). These are made up of embryonic tissues that have concentrated within them unique chemical compounds and the plant growth and development gene activated cell. These tissues are richer in vitamins, oligoelements, minerals, nucleic acids and growth factors than the plant has in general.

   Gemoderivat 1 DH products include the following plants: Vaccinum myrtillus, Corylus avellana, Alunus glutinosa, Acer campestre, Abies pectinata, Aesculus hippocastanum, Carpinus betulus, Tamarix ramasissima, Ribes nigrum, Morus nigra, Fagus sylvatica, Fraxinus excelsior, Juniperus communis, Ligustrum vulgare, Syringa vulgaris, Rosa canina, Betula pubescens, Betula verrucosa, Rubus fructicosus, Juglans regia, Crataegus oxyacantha, Pinus montana, Populus nigra, Zea mays, Prunus spinosa, Rosmarinus officinalis, Salix alba, Cornus sanguinea, Rubus idaeus, Quercus pedunculata, Tilia tomentosa, Ulmus campestris, Vitis vinifera.

   The utilisation of the plant material obtained by our company also has in mind adjacent fields of research such as: supernuclei for zootechnology (polyvitamins), and natural nontoxic plant insecto-fungycides.

   Our products can be found in pharmacies throughout Romania.

   Concurrently, Hofigal S.A. also has its own chain of pharmacies. Within these, Hofigal products are sold without commercial markup, at production cost, while the markup for the other pharmaceutical products on offer is lower than in other pharmacies, with the exception of products whose price has been set by the Ministry of Health.

   Within each of Hofigal pharmacies, there is a consulting room, in which authorised physicians, employed by Hofigal, trained not only in allopathy and phytotherapy, but also in homeopathy, offer free consultations to anyone interested in Hofigal portfolio of products.

   One of Hofigal initiatives was the founding of the "Alexandra" Natural Therapy Centre, out of a desire to have a Centre in which the health products created by the company would be promoted and used, where medical experience could be put to use, in addition to certain forms of traditional Romanian treatments.

   In this way the biotrophic method, promoted by the late Professor Ana Aslan is applied; who is recognised by the scientific community and is internationally renowned.

   The placement of the Centre offers the ideal place in which to carry out programs of prevention, fighting illnesses, combating stress, and counteracting the aging process.

   The main elements of this program are: removal of people from their everyday social context, relaxation, physical exercise, active rest, an organic diet, and mental wellbeing.

   This is augmented by the placement of the Centre in a sheltered upland bioclimate, which is calming, with moderate average air temperatures, atmospheric pressure, sunshine hours, with fresh air, having a raised concentration of negative ions, with a very low level of pollution.

   Throughout all of its activities, "Hofigal" promotes the newest leading concepts in nonpolluting production. From raw materials to finished products, everything is clean and natural.

   No Hofigal product has counter-indications or adverse effects.



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