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Each coated tablet contains algae powder, Spirulina platensis, selenium yeast, Jerusalem artichoke extract and excipients.


Box containing 4 blister (10 tablets /blister).


It has antioxidant effects, facilitates the removal of toxins, heavy metals and radionuclides, it stimulates the production of corticosteroids, insulin, thyroid hormones, adrenaline,

noradrenaline, increases the body's defence capacity against infections, it prevents the decrease in the number of leukocyte after X rays therapy; it stimulates hematopoiesis (growth in the amount of

hemoglobin and in the number of red blood cells) to stimulate the functions of macrophages, of the NK cytotoxic activity and phagocytic activity of polymorphonuclears, lipid-lowering and cholesterol-



It has effects on the stimulation of spermatogenesis, to prevent impotence and frigidity, to stimulate lactation, controls hunger, helps the digestive process, protects and stimulates regeneration of liver cells, contributes to the normalization of high levels of serum transaminases, antiviral (Herpes Simplex, cytomegalovirus, measles, mumps and influenza type A viruses), anti-allergic by inhibiting delayed hypersensitivity reactions. Selenium works synergistically with vitamin E present in Spirulina and prevents the oxidative damage to cell membranes, it enhances the production of antioxidant enzymes.

The product is intended to supplement the diet as a metabolic correction factor to support the body's physiological processes and restore health (regulates some metabolic functions, stimulates the effector cells of the immune system, normalizes the substances exchange at the cellular level). Contributes to lowering the risk of cardiovascular diseases, cancer and immune function deficit. The presence of selenium (often missing in the diet of the population) associated with Spirulina is useful to supplement unbalanced diets or deficient in nutrient content, fiber and bioactive substances.

In chronic hepatitis, liver cirrhosis (having the role of protecting liver cell and and it is efficient in the waste removal processes and removes harmful substances with toxic hepatitis effects), gastritis, gastric and duodenal ulcer, diabetes mellitus type II, obesity, renal failure, ischemic heart disease, hypertension, adrenal insufficiency, autonomic dystonia, nervous strain, sustained intellectual effort, it helps improve sports performance, it balances the lack of calcium and magnesium (it contains Mg and Ca organically assimilable), retinopathy, glaucoma, cataract, it prevents early aging, adjunct in hygienic-dietary regime recommended in the prevention of malignant diseases, radioprotector, chronic allergies to chemicals and allergens from the environment. It can be used during prolonged courses together with the conventional treatment recommended by your doctor.

  • Lactose free!
  • Shelf life: 2 years.

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