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The echinacea tincture contains a variety of polysaccharides with an important nutritional and biostimulatory role, polyphenolcarboxilic acids, phytosterols, fatty acids, vitamins,

essential oil, flavonoids, free acids and estheric acids - caffeic acid, chlorogenic, ferulic, rutozid, echinacoside, verbacoside, free amino acids and lower gum inhibitors.


The product contains the qualities of many bioactive principles which can be found in three naturals extracts: echinacea tincture, and Shepherd's purse tincture and lavender essential oil.

The entire range of compounds act synergistically offering the tincture a remarkable anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, action, it helps skin regeneration through its immunostimulatory, emollient effect and its effect of improving the beautful aspect of the skin. The Shepherd's purse tincture has as main components: choline, acetylcholine, thiamine and other vitamins, tannins, resins, amino sugars, rutozid, fumaric and maleic acid, protocatehic acid, amino acids, phytosterols and salts of K, Mg, Ca, Zn etc. with multiple effects on nutrition and skin biostimulation. Their synergistical effect results in a better vasoconstrictor action, haemostatic, astringent and healing, edematous and anti-inflammatory, anticuperose, anti-seborrhea and increases skin trophicity. The essential lavender oil, highly appreciated for its outstanding properties due to the over 100 identified compounds, it is used in this case for its powerful antiseptic, sedative effects, it relaxes the muscles and nervous system, it has revulsive, healing effects, it helps reepitelisation, it is anti-edematous and anti seborrhea and has a pleasant smell.

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