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Each softgel contains sea buckthorn oil (Hippophae oleum), linseed oil (Line oleum), Spirulina Platensis biomass (Spirulina platensis), total extract of

drone larvae and excipients.


Box containing 40 softgels


Total extract of drone larvae – natural source of health,vitality and longevity" it is a special bee product, with a complex composition, like royal jelly and it has a very strong effect in

revitalizing and energizing potency, has a rich content in protein, carbohydrates, lipids, minerals, ß-carotene, vitamins, free essential aminoacids which offer multiple biologically active properties, it

useful for the optimization of body functions, vitality and regeneration.


Spirulina - "miracle nutrient" rich in biologically active substances, essential for the human body is an important source of protein, amino acids, vitamins, including beta-carotene, micro-and macro,nucleic acids (DNA, RNA) necessary to adjust and balance the metabolic and immunologic functions.

Sea buckthorn oil is a multi-vitamin complex that ensures the optimal intake of dietary phytonutrients mainly the ß-carotene, fat soluble vitamins D, E, F, K, a series of polyphenolic compounds, polyunsaturated fatty acids, amino acids which support the health body and improve the quality of life by strengthening the immune system.

Linseed oil is a direct source of Omega-3 and Omega-6 in an balanced optimal ratio (1:3). These fatty acids are essential fats that are part of the cell membranes and neural body, is indispensable for the biosynthesis of brain lipids and for the regulation of major central nervous system processes.

Larvalbina is a natural multivitamin and mineral combination, easily digestible, which provides a complete and correct normalization of unbalanced diets and deficiencies that occur with age (over 30-35 years), especially those related to the immune system, hormonal balance and emotional self-adjustment,the brain, neuro-vegetative system, the body's resistance.

- Exercises the biotrophic properties, energizing, revitalizing, invigorating and fortifying, antioxidant,good for all ages;
- Maintains tissue health, it has a positive effect in the tissue regeneration processes,stimulates and normalizes the exchange of substances at cellular level, restores and balances the metabolic functions of organs caused by various disorders or inflammatory conditions;
- Optimizes the sexual function, improves men’s fertility, especially by stimulating spermatogenesis that occurs in the sexual dynamics;
- Has a positive effect on the nervous system activity and brain health support, especially in older people;
- Improves concentration and memory, increasing cognitive performance during periods of intense intellectual effort;
- Supports the restoration of the immune system, increasing the body's natural defense mechanism against viral and bacterial attack of contaminants;
- Very effective for periods of intense physical strain, stress, it decreases fatigue in the elderly, convalescent, in mental and emotional depression;
- Prevent and slows down the aging process, removes physical and psychological phenomena related to senescence;
- Fights against nervous system imbalances, helps to regulate the activity of internal organs;
- Beneficial in disorders of nutrition and hunger control;
- Has beneficial effects on menstrual disorders and menopause;
- Stimulates digestion, protects liver cells and helps eliminate harmful substances hepatotoxic;
- Enhances the activity of the heart and blood circulation, protects coronary vessels

  • Lactose free!
  • Shelf life: 2 years.

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