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Each coated tablet contains artichoke extract (Cynarae folium) enriched with organic magnesium salts easily to assimilate by complexing the active principles and excipients.


Box containing a bottle of 40 coated tablets.


Colagogo-choleretic (it increases bile secretion and qualitatively modifies bile composition), diuretic (it increases urine volume, the elimination of urea and toxic nitrogenous substances),

stimulates glucose metabolism with favorable effect on diabetes cases, it has a positive influence on cholesterol metabolism, it detoxifies and has antiallergic effects (it stimulates the antitoxic

function of the liver), it corrects organic deficiencies of magnesium.


It ensures the intake of bioactive substances to supplement the diet in all cases where it is needed to stimulate bile flow and diuresis in order to favorably influence the metabolism of cholesterol in hepatobiliary diseases, subacute and chronic cholecystitis angiocolithis, biliary dyskinesia, it fights against metabolic and functional disorders which are the consequences of a chronic digestive disorders, adjuvant in the treatment of stomach and intestinal diseases, of intestinal dismicrobism with excessive fermentation and flatulence, enteritis, spastic enterocolitis, cramping, acute indigestion and hemorrhoids, anaphylactic states, urticaria, pruritus, allergic dermatitis, food allergies and other allergic manifestations caused by the liver, migraine states, organic magnesium deficiency, atonia and muscle cramps, spasmophilia, adjunct in the treatment of heart diseases.

  • Contains lactose!
  • Shelf life: 2 years.

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