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Hair balm with coenzyme Q10


Balm cosmetic product with gemmoderivates and coenzyme Q10 It is a product in the form of a balm designed for hair protection and regeneration and contains a combination of poplar, birch, elm, chestnut, rosemary gemmoderivates and coenzyme Q10. It is one of the most developed products designed for hair care, it contains coenzyme Q10 and besides this a mixture of glycerol hydroalcoholic extracts, the active principles are extracted from the buds and shoots of the young plant extracts which contain a multitude of active substances in higher concentrations than in the mature or dry plant which represents a huge advantage. The hair conditioner with coenzyme Q10 is a natural product that helps condition the damaged and dyed hair and the thick hair hard to comb, it is a product that helps achieve dramatic hairstyles.

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