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Liver Protector Forte


Each tablet contains milk thistle fruits extract (Card marianae fructus), liquorice root extract (Radix Liquiritiae), Echinacea extract (Echinacea herba),

propolis tincture and excipients.


Box containing 4 blisters (10 tablets / blister) or 2 blistetres (10 tablets / blister).


A product designed as a dietary supplement for the beneficial effects on liver cell protection, detoxification (alcohol and other hepatotoxic substances), antioxidant cholagogue-choleretic

(stimulates bile flow), for the prevention and control of fatty liver, it stimulates the immune system, the inflammatory digestive tract and it is mucosal protective with antiviral action.


Is beneficial and recommended for people under stress, alcohol and drugs addicted, for long-term drug treatment, or for people living or working in industrialized, polluted areas. Dietary supplement with protection role of the liver cell, it is effective in processes of waste removal by eliminating harmful substances (alcohol, drugs with hepatotoxic side effects, heavy metals, pesticides, anesthetics, toxins from poisonous mushrooms); Valuable in diets recommended for chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis, liver failure, hepatic steatosis, jaundice, angiocolithis, inflammatory disorders affecting the motility of the gall bladder (atonic bladder with stagnation of bile secretion) except for the presence of medium and large gall stones; Favourable response in hepatitis C (it normalizes elevated biochemical serum parameters); Adjuvant in the treatment of liver cancer and other malignancies during chemotherapy and radiation treatments (it enables the detoxification and elimination of resulting degradation metabolites); Chronic constipation, indigestion, food poisoning, mushroom poisoning (Amanita phalloides).

  • Lactose free!
  • Shelf life: 2 years.

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