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Planthigen® liquid plant soap


The liquid plant soap from the PLANTHIGEN® range is produced in two color versions: green and yellow and the difference is in the plant extract added in addition to the basil extract. As mentioned in the presented formulas of the two liquid soap variants, they contain, apart from the skin cleansing active substances also some natural substances with multiple beneficial effects on the skin tissue. Thus, the basil extract, used in the two variants, has been well known from the earliest times for its broad-spectrum antimicrobial properties, as well as for the immunostimulatory properties due to the presence in its composition of type triterpene tinctures unique to only certain herbs.

Coenzyme Q10 which is part of the composition of the two types of liquid soap is an excellent provider of energy for the cell metabolism and antioxidant at the same time, protecting skin tissue against aging, degradation and wrinkling. These functional properties of coenzyme Q10 also have an important effect of protecting collagen and elastin in the epithelial tissue, maintaining or restoring suppleness, trophicity and skin beauty. Sage extract has many uses in local application. For external use are used products with sage extract, in particular for their antiseptic, astringent, antiperspiration, healing and anti-inflammatory properties, for the effects on skin regeneration, for the nutritious and soothing properties.

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