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Vegetable mild soap


The soft liquid soap with potassium salts is made of natural products, plant extracts and natural fatty acids. Used extracts: Marigold, chamomile, plantain, nettle, horsetail, walnut leaves and others, but also their leaf extracts as vegetable protein, produced using an original technology, which has as a result a well defined product. The product contains mineral salts obtained from plant extracts, which contribute to the ionic stable balance of the product. The product is a mild soap which can be used for washing the head and body. As the product does not have bacterial load it may be used to wash wounds and the most sensitive skin areas. Suitable for all complexion types. The use of this soap before using CHELSTOP lotion, will be not only beneficial, but it will also increase the activity of dandruff elimination, it will fight against hair loss and give a special feeling of comfort. Used for a long time (over 6 months) in combination with CHELSTOP leads to the repigmentation of the hair to its original color. Ideal for veterinary use. Wounds can be washed directly. Animal fur becomes glossy and clean.

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