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Each capsule contains powder of hawthorn leaves and flowers (Crataegi folium cum flore) and excipients.


Box containing two blisters (10 capsules / blister).


Cardiac functional properties (positive inotropic effect), moderate coronarodilatory (improves blood flow to coronary arteries, restores
the integrity of blood vessels, positive use of oxygen), peripheral vasodilator, it has normotensive action, it has anticoagulant effects and mild diuretic, sedative of the central nervous system, it may

increase the effect of digitalis and beta-blockers, antioxidant and antispasmodic.


Provides the necessary intake of dietary bioactive substances in congestive heart failure, angina, miocardosclerosis, arrhythmias, myocardial recovery, cardiac erethism, heart disorders with nervous causes, restlessness, tension, irritability, emotional states, neurovegetative disorders in menopause, hypertension with psychogenic causes (stress, etc.) atherosclerosis, in people after the age of 50 to improve blood circulation to the heart and prevent the harmful effect of superoxide free radicals on the cardiovascular system.

  • Lactose free!
  • Shelf life: 2 years.

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