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The solution containing a mixture of oregano extract (Origani herba) and liquorice extract (Radix Liquiritiae).


50 ml dropper bottle.


The association of the two extracts have beneficial effects in relieving upper airway disorders by stimulating the biological functions of the respiratory system and increases local defence to

infections, it has expectorant and sedative properties of cough, and fluidifies bronchial and pharyngeal secretions, it is a good antiseptic of the respiratory tract (nasal-pharyngeal and

tracheobronchial) nonspecific immunostimulator of the body and increases its general resistance against respiratory infections specific to the cold season.


A dietary supplement that provides a supply of bioactive substances with complex properties in balancing the diet in: acute and chronic infections of the respiratory tract (influenza, cold, angina, etc..) Relieves unpleasant symptoms of influenza especially in the early stages (irritating cough, respiratory discomfort, fever, loss of appetite, etc), laryngitis, tracheitis, acute bronchitis and chronic cough.

  • Lactose free!
  • Shelf life: 2 years.

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